Personal Change, Professional Transformation


Changing yourself at the instinctive level = changing your outward  accomplishments in life. 

Instinx® Performance Coaching is both a personal development and a professional development tool that delivers permanent improvements to ability and thus objective competence and performance.

Many tools may make you feel better on the inside for a while, but Instinx is guaranteed to change life and behaviour on the “outside” where it counts. Each and every coaching session produces lasting changes in how well you can respond relevantly to the world around you unconsciously, instinctively, which build one upon the other to utterly transform your mental wellbeing, unconscious competence and thus Quality of Life.

It is the crowning outcome of over 30 years of intensive research into human instincts (our reactions which occur faster than conscious thought) and their relationship to attitudes and personal effectiveness when performing at all levels of the workaday world (including sport, entertainment, education, etc).

(This client list shows the wide variety of activities and enterprises in which Instinx has already proven to transform performance.)

Instinx targets natural aptitude, rather than conscious skill, and permanently improves it. The technique removes any persistent ceiling or brake on a person’s performance, dramatically increasing utilization of prior learning and also lifting vitality: the energy and ability to take advantage of opportunity and bounce back from adversity.

Strangely enough, Instinx boosts the results of high performers even more dramatically than others. Persistent performance ceilings form when your instinctive ability to be falls behind your ability to do. When Instinx walks you through the natural process of becoming whatever you want, it unleashes the “backlog of becoming” that has built up behind all that hard work you have already put in to improve your “doing”. 

It can be applied to every aspect of life: career, personal wellbeing, family relationships, health & fitness, financial, social, etc.

Our corporate clients use Instinx to boost and sustain the productivity of execs, individual staff, teams, and whole organizations—usually working from the top down. (Uptake is not an issue: everyone in the office starts asking when it’s their turn when they see what their colleagues get out of it.)


How does Instinx work?

Different parts of our brain work at different speeds. The part that produces conscious thought, being quite complex, is relatively slow.

So we instinctively react to what’s happening around us before we are properly aware of why … and then we consciously modify that reaction as soon as we are able. The more knowledge we gain in life, the better we get at modifying our behaviour.

But it is the initial unthinking reaction that establishes “who we are being” in any situation—our attitude toward it—and this creates a mental context which limits how much we can then change our doing. We can’t consciously change in our brain how we are being because that is being selected much faster than the conscious part. Up until now, trainers and therapists haven’t been able to see what’s really going on.

Instinx coaching shows you how to identify the first reactions your brain selects, before your conscious choices. By changing these, it automatically improves who you are being which in turn allows your conscious mind more room to adapt your behavior thereafter.