There are so many ways to improve ability, the trick is knowing which is most important. Which ability, when improved, will give me the most beneficial CHANGE at this point in my life? That's the key question.

This 2-minute survey narrows it down to the best answer for you. One item will stand out as obvious to strengthen first. Take a moment to tick a few boxes - please follow instructions exactly - then we'll show you how Instinx imparts the capability desired by changing your Instinctive Performance Level in this area. (Demo conducted by a qualified Instinx Coach, not a salesperson.)


1. Which outcomes/abilities would you like to be better at achieving/performing? Click in the square box to the left of every one that interests you. Select as many as you wish.




Inspiring Leadership

Job Satisfaction

Balancing Work & Life

Effective Team Management

Meaningful Ethical Career

Stress-free Spirit

Astute Delegation

Being Highly Organised

Accumulating Wealth

Handling Difficult People

Ideally Utilising Time

Motivated Determination

Resolving Conflict

Peak Personal Productivity

Super Self-confidence

Crystal-clear Communication

Masterful Negotiation

Great at Making Friends

Powerful Presenting

Boosting Team Productivity

Creating a Happy Relationship

Exciting Motivation

Wise Staff Hiring

Loving & Wise Parenting

Genuine Bonding

Creative Painless Firing

Gifted at Connecting Intimately

Empowering Others

Flawless Customer Service

Boundless Creativity

Disciplined Supervision

Shrewd Financial Mgmt

More Time for Myself

Intelligent Training

Irresistable Promoting

Meaningful Social Life

Smoothly Assertive

Sizzling Sales

Top Sporting Performance

Mastering the Media

Magic Team Morale

Self-discipline (no addictions)


2. Now review your selections above, and indicate which is most important to you by clicking the circle to the right. Only one selection can be made.

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