The Coaching Process
Each Instinx coaching session is a one-on-one discussion with a qualified Performance Coach. The Coach's role is not teaching, so there is nothing you have to remember and no homework to do.

The Coach helps you to a) set Performance Goals, b) identify difficulties which interfere with performing as you'd like to and c) improve the way you instinctively react or respond when such difficulties arise. Once an unhelpful instinctive reaction is identified, your Coach walks you through a simple mental exercise that enables your unconscious mind to operate more efficiently. The overall process feels like climbing a ladder of mental ability.

These natural instinctive adjustments produced by Instinx add up to a steady improvement in attitude, aptitude and intuition. Without conscious effort, you find yourself becoming more talented - more naturally capable of gettting the results you want - in that part of your life. Suddenly you can use your prior learning (skills) much more effectively.

An important aspect of this approach is that it does not invade your privacy, nor cause embarrassing reactions. You will find the Coach's questions easy to answer and discuss at an enjoyable conversational level. And you'll be fascinated by the insights you gain, which are always personally validating.

28 Years of research and 4,800 case studies have shown that by "tuning up" a person’s unconscious instinctive responses, he or she experiences:-
improved ability and performance;
greater happiness and more control over their life;
a more positive attitude and greater effectiveness;
and increased energy and ability to tackle adversities and take advantage of opportunities.
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