The Coaching Process
At its most simple form, an Instinx coaching session involves a one-on-one discussion with a qualified Attitude Level Coach. There are no forms to fill out, no questionnaires or tests to complete, nothing to remember and no homework to do.

The Coach’s role is to identify and discuss the instinctive responses that are hampering your performance. Once the problem unconscious instinctive response level is identified the Coach will walk you through a series of mental exercises that teach your unconscious mind how to operate more efficiently. Once the unconscious mind learns how to instinctively respond at the next level on the ladder, it will permanently shift itself into that higher operating level.

Instinx coaching produces natural instinctive adjustments to the unconscious mind, which are analogous to a chiropractor clicking your bones into place or a piano tuner making adjustments to the tensions of the strings of a piano. 20 Years of research and 4,500 case studies have shown that by properly tuning a person’s unconscious instinctive responses, they experience:-
improved ability and performance;
greater happiness and more control over their life;
a more positive attitude and greater effectiveness; and,
increased energy and ability to tackle the opportunities and adversities of every aspect of their lives.
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