Your immediate response or attitude to any situation, environment or external influence is determined by unconscious instinctive responses.

Your instinctive responses determine how difficult, unpleasant or easy you find a situation and whether you will rise to a challenge or fail to meet it. Instinctive responses manifest themselves in many ways and at different intensities including anger, fear, discomfort, procrastination, blame and worry. No matter how you react or feel your instincts are always playing a role in selecting that reaction - even though you're not aware of it.

Instinctive responses impose limitations upon your achievements, abilities and performance by preventing you from going beyond what your unconscious mind tells you is 'bad' or 'safe' or 'right' or 'the done thing'. They also create limitations by generating human emotional responses to situations and circumstances when no emotional response is necessary. Without you being aware of it, your unconscious instincts are constantly creating boundaries that are not actually there, that hamper your performance and which other people do not see or feel.

20 years of research has discovered a finite spectrum of instinctive responses that the mind unconsciously draws upon. Whilst the mind will from time to time use all of the instinctive responses depending on the circumstances, in each person one of those instinctive responses will dominate their feelings, emotions, thoughts, fears and actions. That dominating instinctive response often manifests itself as our 'attitude' to a situation or our circumstances. Once that 'attitude' is identified a person's responses to any set of circumstances can be accurately predicted - but importantly can also be improved.

The finite spectrum of instinctive responses can be thought of as a ladder, and those operating at higher levels on the ladder are always more effective at everything they do than those operating at the levels below them - regardless of intelligence. The great discovery of Instinx is that through specialised coaching, you can 'climb the ladder' and improve how your unconscious mind automatically responds to situations.

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